Landing in Kefalonia was a very strange feeling. Everything around me seemed so familiar but at the same time so new and different. The airport was this tiny little building and my dad was waiting for me at baggage. It was 6:30 in the morning and somehow every person working in the airport knew my father and greeted us. That’s how tiny and amazing this island is. I spent two magical weeks with my family in Greece and had some amazing experiences

My sister and I stayed with our aunt and uncle. They took us all around the island over my aunt and uncletwo weeks there. They were the perfect tour guides and they brought us to amazing restaurants and the best parts of the island.

On one of our days exploring the island, we went to this fabulous restaurant called the Sunset Tavern. The restaurant was overlooking the ocean and was so breathtaking. We were spoiled with some of the best Greek food I’ve ever had. sunset tavern.jpg

After an amazing dinner, we drove down to the water and went to this little cafe. The entrance was like a cave that you had to walk through and through the other side was a little cafe chiseled in the stone with a view of the ocean. There, we sat and had some coffee and just stared out into the water.

group photo sunset tavern.JPGcave restaurant.jpg

On a different day, my aunt and uncle brought us to the two most amazing caves I have ever seen in my life. It was one of those moments of disbelief. It didn’t feel like

drograki cavemy life was real. To get down to the entrance, you had to walk down about one-hundred steps and at the bottom was the opening to the cave which we damp and about 20 degrees cooler than the surface. Once you finally got to the bottom of the steps and walked into the cave, my jaw dropped. The first cave is named the Drogarati cave. There were huge formations of stalagmite, which are tapering columns that rise from the floor.

Melissani cave

The second cave was the Melissani Cave. This one was my favorite due to the uniqueness of it. The water was so crystal blue. It was the clearest water I had ever seen. When you looked up there was a large hole at the top of the cave that illuminated the water below and showed how truly blue the body of water was.

You can’t go swimming in the water which is a bummer, but you get taken out on a boat ride through the cave and I promise it’s life-changing. This experience is one of the reasons that traveling is so important to me. I had never seen anything as amazing as these two caves. Now looking back, all I can think of is where else in the world can I travel to that will show me something as amazing as this.

The rest of the trip consisted of going to different towns and seeing some of the most beautiful architecture. Here are some pictures to show you all just how beautiful this island is. village shotbeautiful flowers

The photo above is of a village that my family and I visited.view from top The view from on top of a mountain. There is no editing to this photo. It is pure perfection.

Thanks for reading! My next post will be all about my sister Tina and I’s experience in Athens and all of the amazing sites we saw!

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