How I Felt About Solo Traveling

My feelings towards solo traveling were a little different than what I read about on other blogs. When I first made the decision to travel solo, I felt alive and excited. I didn’t have the fear of feeling lonely or the anxiety of potentially getting lost in an unknown country by myself. No, at first I felt the opposite of what you might expect a single female booking her first backpacking trip by herself.34372847_1015964901893546_902403161812107264_n

I think my initial feelings were not afraid because I was so excited about getting to travel the world. Any moment I didn’t spend working and saving money, I spent researching hostels and flights.

I knew that I would be spending time with family while I was in Greece, but I was excited for the opportunity to be alone and travel the world.

It wasn’t until the week before I left that I started to panic. Yes, I’m human! All of a sudden this trip sounded like a crazy idea and I was ready to hop onto and cancel all of my reservations (luckily I had free cancellations for them all.) But I knew that if I canceled this trip, I would always regret it.

Then something amazing happened… sister asked if she could join me on part of my trip! I was so excited because that felt like the perfect compromise to me for my first solo trip. I could travel for a bit alone and gain the experience of solo traveling, but I could also have my best friend join me for the second half and have a partner in crime. It was the perfect way for me to experience Europe.

If you’re scared about solo traveling, it’s totally normal and IT’S OKAY!! It was an experience I’ll never forget, so don’t let that fear stop you! I’m going to put together a post that gives you all of my experiences I had while solo traveling. I feel as if I have read these articles about solo traveling and people made it sound like it was the perfect experience. It’s not. And that’s okay! There were lonely moments and feelings of boredom, but I’m going to take you through my solo trip and how I was able to push through all of those feelings to enjoy the solo part of my amazing backpacking trip.

I promise to have that post out soon, I just wanted to lay this one out there so anyone feeling strange, scared, excited, or any other emotion towards solo travel knows that they are not alone! I promise to give you all of my favorite tips and tricks soon that will help you have a successful solo backpacking trip.



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