Hostel Review: Athens Backpackers

If you read my previous post about Athens, you’d know that I stayed at this great hostel. Athens backpackers stood out to me while searching for a hostel in Athens and it was a great place to stay in a city with overpriced hotels.

Initial Impression:

When you first walk into Athens Backpackers, you’re welcomed by a front desk worker who was quick to greet me. He didn’t give me the warm welcome other hostels did, however he was kind and got me set up and checked in immediately. The place looked clean and was decently full of people. It definitely has a younger crowd and is great for people looking to meet other travelers. A great aspect of this place is its location. It was a five minute walk to the Acropolis which was the major reason I was going to Athens. It also had a ton of restaurants and cafes nearby that made life so easy. They also had a great room to store our luggage for us because we checked in earlier than we were supposed to. It was secure and we didn’t worry at any point about our belongings as we wandered the streets of Athens. Lastly, when you first walk in and turn right, there’s a chill lounging area where you can meet other travelers and relax away from the room.

The Bedroom: 

My room was on the second floor and was an easy walk upstairs. The stairs were a little strange and dangerous for someone who isn’t careful. Luckily they have an elevator if you need one. I stayed in a four bedroom suite and was welcomed by the sweet site of an air conditioning unit as well as nice doors that led to an outside balcony. These were little surprises I wasn’t expecting.

athens backpackers bedroom
This is from the website but it’s literally what my room looked like except my bedding was red.

The bed was comfortable and the room was large which allowed plenty of space and privacy away from the other guests. The room gave you the essentials and that’s all I truly needed. I would spend a little more on the four bedroom and give yourself a break from typical hostel bunk beds. This was a sigh of relief after being stuck in a room smaller than this one with 8 people while I was in London (more to come on that hostel a little later….)

The Bathroom:  

Okay, so my big complaint about this place was the bathroom. Maybe I’m a New York girl who is used to a shower that I can actually fit it. I know that when I traveled around Europe I was surprised by how small some of the bathrooms were. Now yes this bathroom was small but that wasn’t my biggest issue. When I actually took a shower, the water spilled out of the shower because of a lack of raised surface on the bathroom floor.

bathroom hostel. backpacker
Let’s just say the photo makes it look larger than it actually is.

If there was one, it was small. When you stepped out of the shower, your feet were still wet because of the water soaked floors. And when actually taking the shower, the shower curtain clung to me which was all sorts of uncomfortable. If this place can find a way to make their showers more functional, then I guarantee them more positive reviews. This wouldn’t deter me from staying here again, it’s just something I think the hostel should seriously consider looking into updating to better satisfy their customers.

The Rooftop:   

Hands down the best part of this place was the rooftop. It was fun and casual and the views were not to be believed. The atmosphere of people was so relaxing and my sister and I were able to meet some really cool travelers who were hopping around all of Europe. I Wish I would have remembered to connect with them on social media so I could have followed them on their travels because from what they were telling me, they were headed for some pretty awesome adventures. Now the best part of this rooftop was the perfect view of the Parthenon. At night, the Parthenon was lit up and you could see this magnificent piece of history shining right in front of your eyes.athens rooftop bar

The rooftop has a great happy hour and it closes at a decent time. This was important to me because I got pretty sick right before I arrived in Athens and I needed some beauty sleep. Luckily, the bar doesn’t stay open too late so people like myself who need some extra sleep could get that without being disturbed by partiers upstairs. Now the good news for travelers who want to stay out later and have a good time is that they have a bar down the street that they open for the rooftop guests. It’s super convenient and will stay open late for its guests looking for a good time.


Breakfast was included and was better than most hostels I stayed in. This is because it went further than the usual bread and coffee I was served in other cities. There were options and plenty of seating. This gave my sister and I the opportunity to meet some other backpackers and learn more about their travels. This is really important for travelers to do while abroad. If you’re solo backpacking, life can get lonely on the road. Make sure you take the time to get to know people on your travels. Staying in a hostel is the best way to do this. Even if you’re not traveling solo and have a friend with you, spend some time and effort in getting to know people on your travels. I have made great connections and friends by doing this and I promise you can too!

Final Thoughts: 

I would definitely recommend you give this hostel a shot. Look past the tiny bathroom and focus on the fact that you’re literally 5 minutes away from the base of the Acropolis. I’ll share with you all their ratings which I believe are pretty spot on based on my experience.

Value for Monday: 8.7              Location: 9.6                   Atmosphere: 8.3

Facilities: 8.1.                            Security: 8.8                     Staff: 8.6

Cleanliness: 8.3

(I’m not being sponsored by this hostel in any way so you can truly trust my review!!)




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