Best Art Decor for a Farmhouse Shabby Chic Apartment!

As Steve and I are diving into our new apartment, I’ve come across some amazing finds that I wanted to share with you! If you’re interested in any of these items, just click the photo and it will bring you straight to its website.

Wall art can create a focal point in the room that draws people’s attention. It makes someone walk into the room and it draws their eyes in. The best part is all of these different pieces are well priced and will fit anyones budget. I believe each space in your home craves art work, even the bathroom!

When moving into our new home, I didn’t want to spend money on anything that didn’t bring me joy and tranquility to look at. I really enjoy whites, soft grey, green, and blue. I purchased a few of these pieces for our home and I hope you do too!



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